You know some people don’t have any common sense. That was them. My whole troop of enemies my family. They went around trying to get someone who didn’t want them got diseases and thought they could give them to me. Well I got some important news for them. I know what you did last summer with my 1st. Just so you know I can feel his spirit now helping me, guiding me letting me know why he became the person he became. I don’t think he liked the white woman very much he told me he didn’t know her. By the way my birthday will always be May 31. He will always be MY 1st and he’ll always be my baby.



You know a big part of you is who you love and I guess also who you don’t. But you see the Holy Spirit came to convict the world of sin and I know it will. I remember in Nashville they said people were prejudice and that might be true. I used to see the best in people. I still do. But I also see the worst. I’m not blind anymore. Forms of racism are an action or remark that causes outrage or offense. I believe that’s for people who disagree with it and agree with it. Come on now can’t we all get along?

My Enemy My Ally

You know there’s a lot of pain in my book but don’t think that pain can’t turn you into a great person because I became one. Someone in my family tried to take my boyfriend away from me and now all the women in my family are after him. Get your own man because quite frankly when his feelings change that’s when he moves on. To something new to someone who won’t hold on. He doesn’t care if you cry. He’ll always say goodbye. He is the one who’s feelings change. When you see him with someone who is NOTHING AT ALL LIKE THE PERSON YOU ARE YOU’LL KNOW IT MEANS HE DIDN’T CARE. Get this He didn’t care. These people are my enemies. Trying to take my faith. Well guess what you can’t. You should know by now I’m not giving up. I’m not a quitter I am your fighter.


I wouldn’t let my family stop me from dating my highscool sweetheart. I saw him anyway and I cared about him. I liked him and now guess what I miss him. I miss his bird chest bad! But you had to feel his skin super soft! My family hated me and him. Me for dating someone of another color. But if there’s one thing I know my family doesn’t like white men isn’t it ironic. So why we’re they so mad at me? He made me feel good but I don’t say in what ways. I jut hope he knows I cared about him. It’s kinda special when you have that you know. Someone who cares about you.

Tied up and twisted is the way he’d like me to be but I’m 4 U and he’s 4 me.


I got way too many feels,way too much emotion. What this means is that I like white men and the reason is not because I’m prejudice but because my feelings are strong for them. This is a controversial subject because most people aren’t like me. I fell so hard for my boyfriend of a different race because it was my first relationship with someone different. If you date someone outside your race it might drive you crazy either that or you might fall hard so be pretty careful. I wasn’t careful. I fell in love with the wrong person.  And I didn’t even know what was real. It was like I was in a dream world. I don’t know if you’ve ever been in love but you should try it sometime. Because there will be times that you believe you could really fly.

I always think about you

I’m writing this about my family and how I know they wonder about me sometimes. My first name is Tenika and that’s exactly what God has done he has taken my family out of my life. They were my enemies yes but it also has to do with that sometimes when your a Christian you may lose your health. Then you will not have family. That is sad I know and it hasn’t happened to me yet but if it does I know I can say God saved me many times before from needles and a lot of heartache. I know and I always reflect on my life with my family cause God blessed them with me. My response is you should have treated me with kindness not just fear. It’s too late for my family they’ve hurt God in too many ways.


I have a very important mission to complete on this earth. And it has to do with my family and it has to do with unsaid things in other words secrets. It has to do with God and I do not care for the way my family has made a ridicule of themselves. There’s this song called Smile and it says I believe I can make you smile. That is my goal to see God win after how poorly he was treated by my so called family. Now I don’t know about you but I hate people who treat God bad. I only hope I can somehow let God know that he had me.

Bed of Lies

Me and my boyfriend well we were close but there is one thing I forgot to mention. He was a liar. Sometimes I wouldn’t see him for months because he was interacting with other girls. I fell for him anyway. YOU WAS CAUGHT UP IN THE RUSH AND YOU WAS CAUGHT UP IN THE THRILL OF IT(he cheated on me and I let him) THEY SAY YOU DONT KNOW WHAT U GOT TILL ITS GONE(That’s me.  He missed me.) If he had only realized what he had. I JUST FIGURED I WAS SOMETHING YOU COULDNT REPLACE. ( That’s me my mission is to take out a female MONSTER)  A certain lady and her kids. Trust me you don’t want to end up like them. Tell me if you like this one!


Emergency Room

I titled this emergency room because it’s a place I know all too well. I remember telling my mom I needed to go to the hospital in the middle of the night. That’s when my battle and long journeys of going to the hospital began. My mother came to see me a lot and for a second I thought she may actually be sorry for kicking me out all the times she did but all the stress from having gone home to home had took its toll on me. My boyfriend had took his toll on me and the feeling that no one cared was there especially from my family they wouldn’t see me in the hospital. They wanted me to lose my life and they were the worst people in my life. I learned from all that and God separated me from them. I became stronger and I am grateful. My family made me a fighter believe it or not. So thanks!


My stepdads name is Irwin Morriss Thames. It really shocked me and took me by surprise that someone in my family had such a strong name referring to my mission in life. I needed that name in a way for my safety and well being. Irwin is my stepdad and I miss him dearly. He was for me. I thought he was so handsome and so black. I remember my first boyfriend meeting him for a brief second. Ironically he is the only person in my family I really miss. He was in the AirForce and I remember all of our happy memories when I was a youth. Life has changed drastically for all of us in my family but I hope they never forget when we were young because they need to remember Me. IRWIN this is for you Happy Mothers Day! I miss your smile I miss your face. No one can ever take your place.