A Former Bad Boy

A former bad boy who is trying to go straight seeks vengeance on those who ruined his life. Everything happens for a reason. This boy a Christians first boyfriend had a family who was against him just like her. They wouldn’t help him with his life. In fact his household could be called his worst enemies. All his friends his mother his father even his sister and brother let him get abused for years by his own mother. They might of thought that not helping him was an excuse for all the abuse they wanted to inflict on him  because he fell in love with a Christian black girl. Now Save Truth is writing her boyfriends story. He’s relaying to her the truth about his mother his affairs with women and what happened behind closed doors. Somehow he wanted to believe he wanted to have Faith. Now he’s got his chance sharing his story through his first love Save.


Is Save Truth -Tenika Jennings?

This book will be published as fiction under the pen name Save Truth. Is this book fiction? Is Save Truth real? Who is she? A lot of that is up in the air and a mystery. But the truth shall set you free guaranteed. I’m telling you right now that Tenika Jennings might not be Save Truth. What does Save Truth mean? It’s really not hard to guess what it means but let me explain. To save a soul to save someone was the truth. A lot of people knew who wanted to be saved but wouldn’t save him. Instead they did the exact opposite by destroying his life. It’s not a very nice thing to do but his heart will go on.

Two Families Both Alike in Dignity

“Two households both alike in dignity. In a midwestern state where we lay our scene. Where abusive relationships make civil hands unclean.”

This statement is all about how Two ordinary families both with normal lives start to do things out of the ordinary years later. I guess when they all felt it was safe to get away with all the trouble they would cause themselves and dishonoring God. These families are connected. Although they led separate lives their paths crossed and they knew about each other. These families will be judged and in the book these families are described as being of a different ethnicity of each other.



This Boys Life

The main character in the story. I’ll call him Sebastian. He had a lot of people in his life who wouldn’t tell everybody what was going on. The abuse he took from his mother which is the worst kind. Took place in his life for years. The Bible says you will be held accountable for everything you’ve done and everything you do in life has consequences. Again Sebastian met this Christian girl he fell in love with not intending to. Annette who believed in God. Little did they know that the book Annette wrote about her 1st must survive the judgement of God.

Interconnected Lives-A Great Injustice

Interconnected Lives takes readers to the roots of human behavior. In the story a girls 1st boyfriend got abused for years by his mother. Deep down inside this boys mother was prejudice she just never told her son. She was too scared of her son at the time to tell her son who was white to stop dating his black girlfriend. Finally the girl realizes that even though her 1st boyfriend was a mistake.God placed her in her boyfriends life for the future when his life would change forever. They could not remove her from that relationship. God knew when she would let go and his work in that relationship would be over. Now God has taken that relationship with a plan to make things right.


NewBook-Interconnected Lives

This is the story of Sebastian my 1st who did all kinds of bad things. He was a liar a cheater and did really terrible things for a lot of his life. He ended up falling in love with a girl he never intended to fall in love with or fool with. Now he’s gone forever. I’m writing his story about his biggest foes his family my family what really happened and what drove him to suicide. His Mother.




You know some people don’t have any common sense. That was them. My whole troop of enemies my family. They went around trying to get someone who didn’t want them got diseases and thought they could give them to me. Well I got some important news for them. I know what you did last summer with my 1st. Just so you know I can feel his spirit now helping me, guiding me letting me know why he became the person he became. I don’t think he liked the white woman very much he told me he didn’t know her. By the way my birthday will always be May 31. He will always be MY 1st and he’ll always be my baby.


You know a big part of you is who you love and I guess also who you don’t. But you see the Holy Spirit came to convict the world of sin and I know it will. I remember in Nashville they said people were prejudice and that might be true. I used to see the best in people. I still do. But I also see the worst. I’m not blind anymore. Forms of racism are an action or remark that causes outrage or offense. I believe that’s for people who disagree with it and agree with it. Come on now can’t we all get along?

My Enemy My Ally

You know there’s a lot of pain in my book but don’t think that pain can’t turn you into a great person because I became one. Someone in my family tried to take my boyfriend away from me and now all the women in my family are after him. Get your own man because quite frankly when his feelings change that’s when he moves on. To something new to someone who won’t hold on. He doesn’t care if you cry. He’ll always say goodbye. He is the one who’s feelings change. When you see him with someone who is NOTHING AT ALL LIKE THE PERSON YOU ARE YOU’LL KNOW IT MEANS HE DIDN’T CARE. Get this He didn’t care. These people are my enemies. Trying to take my faith. Well guess what you can’t. You should know by now I’m not giving up. I’m not a quitter I am your fighter.


I wouldn’t let my family stop me from dating my highscool sweetheart. I saw him anyway and I cared about him. I liked him and now guess what I miss him. I miss his bird chest bad! But you had to feel his skin super soft! My family hated me and him. Me for dating someone of another color. But if there’s one thing I know my family doesn’t like white men isn’t it ironic. So why we’re they so mad at me? He made me feel good but I don’t say in what ways. I jut hope he knows I cared about him. It’s kinda special when you have that you know. Someone who cares about you.

Tied up and twisted is the way he’d like me to be but I’m 4 U and he’s 4 me.