Poetry How it Helps

My book is totally unique because of the great poetry it has in it. The rhyming was what I used to make it easy to understand and interesting.  I happen to be a songwriter and you have to rhyme words when you write songs so I happened to be good at making everything rhyme in the book. Rhyming made the book even easier to write also because I knew what to write when I just came up with a topic. A way of coping and a way to help yourself when reading the book is you should remember phrases in your head and repeat them to yourself. Hope this new post helps you understand my book better and gives you a sense of hope when reading the book.


Self Help Book

My book is great as a self-help book. Their is so much advice in this book that will help with your relationships. It talks about boys playing games, which is not good. It talks about crazy love, it talks  about a poet. It tells you how people hold a story and how you can change a persons life forever. My boyfriend changed my life forever and I wrote about him but there were a lot of bad things about him that I overlooked. I was blind because I was in love. I wouldn’t listen to any body. I almost lost everything my health, my future. My advice to you all is to Listen!

Writing The Girl with the Journal helped with overcoming depression

Hi. Tenika again.   Writing The Girl with the Journal helped so much for me with sadness. I got the book published which was a dream come true but it was also a way of letting everyone who had ever hurt me letting them know that they weren’t gonna slide by with treating me just anyway in life. It also meant that I was gonna help someone else out of depression with this book. So no matter how much people may want them to be sad they didn’t have to be they can look to God. Another thing is sadness happens for a reason so know that also and those reasons aren’t always bad. Always look on the brighter side and read The Girl with the Journal to help you with your tough situations let it be your guide.

Why I wrote The Girl with the Journal

Growing up I always wanted to be an author because writing intrigued me.  I loved the sense of writing something that would affect someone else and help them somehow someway.  So I wrote my first book The Girl with the Journal.  I went through a lot of stuff as a teenager a lot of it was bad and not good. I thought maybe I can help someone with my story because no one should have to go through what I was going through at such a young age  and the worst thing was my family just watched me and saw me make mistake after mistake after mistake. I was hurt by it but my book helped me move on and so did God.