Against Me

This title which is in my book The Girl with the Journal is all about your enemies.  I found out my worst enemies were members of my own family.  You must know that no one can totally defeat you except God. When I got mentally ill and had to go to the hospital nobody in my family came to see me except my mother.  My own brother and sister didn’t even come see me. I lived in a town where no one seemed to care about me and I don’t want to go back to those memories because those were the worst of times. I learned how to be a very strong person from all the pain I had in my life.  I’m not saying I’m invisible but now I know you can get through anything in life with God and sometimes God just might say”Enough!” No matter what you may be going through someone out there cares so don”t give up. I’ve got better people in my life now but the one you need to be concerned with the most is God put him before other people.










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