Hi this blog topic is Mother.  I wasn’t the best daughter I was rebellious but I did not have a great mother. I listened to my own voice because hers wasn’t present and in my book I wrote about how she was mean how she told me lies and how she wanted me to be afraid of her. Sometimes I even feel like she wanted to ruin my life. I ran away from her. That is why when people say they are a momma’s boy or girl, I know that a mother and child relationship can be the worst relationship you’ll ever have. I know what a bad parent can do to you.  If you have a great relationship with your parent. Praise God! Just to let you know I didn’t.  I can’t stress to you enough that your relationship with your parents should be better than the one I had. My mom knows what she’s done to me but somehow I managed to become an adult without her and our relationship made me a survivor and a daughter who will never need another mother.


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