Sometimes there is nothing worst than a shallow person. It may seem like they don’t have any sense at all. Sense is what you need in life to get through life so being shallow might not get you very far. I wrote this about a boy I knew he went from here to there from girl to girl to the deep shadows of doing dark things. This boy would put on an act as if life was wonderful but he was a horrible person. The reason I feel so strongly about this boy is that he was hurting God. I dislike people who hurt God. I may take a stand someday and tell this boy what he should and shouldn’t do but I know he knew what he should be doing all along. I don’t believe that God shows favor to this shallow boy and if you ask why it’s because of all the pain he caused.


Is it him?

When I was writing Is it him I was thinking of my first love. Back then I was wanting a boyfriend who would love me. Common sense should have told me that I wouldn’t find it in him yet still I was blind. I’m still looking for my Is it him? I am a hopeless romantic looking for another romantic like me. Maybe someday I will stop searching and looking and just give up but I still haven’t and I’m still hoping and still believing.  I encourage you to keep on looking for your him. Don’t give up trying on love I don’t care how many hearts have been broken. One day you might just find your him. If a loving relationship is something you really want you have to go after it.  What I’m saying is if you believe in love it will believe in you.


Serious is about growing up. It’s about how you must learn to be serious. This lesson is a hard one to learn because life can be tough sometimes. I learned you have to  be serious as a teen because of some of the problems I was facing. The biggest fear in life is when your really old and everything is hard.  I’m learning that as you get older life gets harder. You learn more lessons but it is no fairy tale. Once you get older you learn how people really are. You learn that all that romantic stuff in the movies isn’t true and you must face all your fears in life. The good news is a lot of times hard times teach you a lot of lessons and it helps you grow wiser. These lessons you learn in life are what  you should hold onto.  Life is  a battle but you have to learn how to fight. That’s what I’ve learned.

I Am The Writer

I Am The Writer is in my book The Girl with the Journal. This topic is one of my favorite because I decided to become an author. In it I talk about how I want to show you the writer in me. To be honest I feel there is a writer in everyone and I want to encourage you to write about anything that’s ever meant something in your life. You can use writing to help others or just to encourage them. I believe that words hold strength and that they can help.  Use anything in my book to make yourself a better person. All my trials made me a much better one.  It’s what led me to this book. So don’t always think that the bad and sad stuff in life are gonna get you down. This book led me to you.