I Cry

I Cry was written about God. It’s about how he cries for you how he never gives up hope that you will come to him. I am a true believer and a strong one. Believe it or not I have believed in God my whole entire life. God taught me so many wonderful things in my life but what he taught me most of all is that I need him.  God never gives up on you and that’s the best thing about him. He wants to see you happy and with him you will do some amazing things in your life. Life is a wonderful gift but it can be so hard sometimes that you feel like giving up. God always has your back. I dare you to give him a chance.



A lot of The Girl with the Journal was written about my family. How they treated me how they didn’t respect some of my decisions.  If any of you have ever felt rejected I know how that feels.  I trusted God with all those problems and eventually came to a better place in life. I wrote the people who are supposed to care the most, they don’t care at all. I felt betrayed by my family.  Because of them I almost lost my health my sanity my future. They never talked to me about anything and they knew what it was I was going through. They just watched.  Now they are gone and I know why it’s because they do not deserve to be in my life. Their inner life was a secret and sometimes I feel like I don’t know who they were. Were they good or bad? That is the question.