You stare at me. Look at me. Do you know who I am?  This is all about older guys hitting on younger girls. I’m not saying  I agree with it, but I also don’t disagree with it. The real point here is that this girl won’t date any man. I wrote this book for young adults so I was expressing in Stare how they feel. They don’t don’t want to date older guys but I also question whether they want someone who is meant for them. What if whoever you or I was meant for wasn’t exactly who you planned would you still want them? I don’t mean to be harsh but I’m not a fool at all. This means if you do date someone older than you in today’s society that could be a big mistake. It wouldn’t be worth all the heartache. The girl is not a fool. She’ll stick to the rules until she see’s past a stare.



I am the one called the fool. The girl with the journal is about a love story and how blind I was at the time this relationship happened. What I learned from this relationship is it’s hard trusting guys and even girls. This relationship made me strong in a lot of ways because I knew if I could get through almost losing my life to someone who would lie and cheat on me I knew I could face other hard situations in life. Use anything hard you’ve had to go through in life and apply it to your situation. You should know that nothing is almost as hard as catching hundreds of diseases and risking the chance of you never having a normal life. So maybe I’m exaggerating. The guy wasn’t that bad. But I am still the one who played the fool.


In The Girl with the Journal I learned a lot of lessons from when I had a boyfriend. He wasn’t the best guy for me but at the time nothing could convince me otherwise. I learned that he cared about me more than my family did. I learned that some of the most special people in your life won’t be the people who are closest to you it will be people who are not your relatives. My family hated me, I mean absolutely hated me they watched me get treated bad in hospitals. But you  know I don’t remember my boyfriend ever coming to see me in the hospital either. He cared about me, he was afraid to show it though. He saved my life when my family wouldn’t.  I miss him a lot he was ordained to be my boyfriend by God and that’s enough for me. I hope I don’t make the same mistakes over again. I hope people learn from my writing and learn from The Girl with the Journal.