Have you ever felt surrounded by your enemies and you had nowhere to turn. That is exactly how I felt with my family. They persecuted me then and they are persecuting me now. 1. My mother tried to throw her own daughters highschool diploma away. 2. They knew I was active with my boyfriend in highschool and wanted me to catch AIDS then didn’t visit me in the hospital. 3.They let my mother continue to kick me out in highschool and never talked to her or me about it. 4.My mother constantly changes my social security and address information on my credit report.5.They knew that I and somebody in my family was severely mentally ill and didn’t say a word about it. I am not here to do battle for god but to be used by god in his battles.  If I catch my family coming my way again I will call the cops on them! These all are serious things they did to me and they better not come my way because we have a rocky history that I will let authorities know about. This is why I suffer from depression.


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