Nowhere to Go

When I was young and seeing  my boyfriend my mother didn’t approve of it  and I hated her for that. I was in highschool and of course she couldn’t stop me cause I had my own mind and me and her never got along. She would kick me out and I would go from house to house and family member to family member. Tell me what kind of mother kicks her daughter out when she is in highschool? I should’ve known that these were signs that my mother didn’t care about me that I had to look to God for my care and let her go. Also  this was probably the only way because God wanted me to come to him. There were so many signs in my life that I should stand against my mother and so I’m not in her care anymore but I still remember all the lessons being dealt with her taught me. I mean what kind of a mother kicks out her daughter who she knows has believed in God all her life. There is one thing I also have to say. She got dealt me too a rebellious daughter.  All I have to say is Bye MOM!


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